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Why Google is out? Search the Internet like never before!

We at DataSN is trying something that’s never done before, that’s bringing the data of the entire Internet, ALL websites and data sources thereof, to the hands of ordinary people. Anyone can freely access the data of the entire Web at a very low cost, not just by searching on a search engine that returns but a few web pages for you to manually read through to try and find what you are looking for, but by programs that go through all the databases in a unbelievably granularmanner and return only the entries that are actual answers to your question rather than some relevant texts that require human consumption and research before reaching usable conclusions. However with DataSN and ALL websites / databases of the Internet connected as a traversable data social network, you get actual answers to your queries rather than some relevant web pages through a simple flat search through texts. For example, you could search on DataSN for: Latest books by Emma Glass paperback used less than $20 w…