XML format now available for all data APIs at

This is exciting as we are now offering the XML format for ALL our data sets.
DataSN - Big Data of Internet & Web Data Extraction / Mining Platform Download all data of the entire Internet as databases or APIs. You can immediately view XML samples of any data set on individual data set page: XML Data Samples You can also choose the XML format on the Online Query form to generate an API call address for traversing through the entire data set: Online Query to generate API call You can also dynamically switch to the XML format on the HTML presentation of any data page:

DataSN US Auto Parts Data API Updated to 16,523,973 Parts with 88 Fields

One of DataSN's best car parts data API for the United States market is now updated to include 16,523,973 according to the latest screenshot of the DataSN data network.

As of Mar. 2019 this API has 246 auto makes, 30,920 models, 55,977 engines or trims, 481 part manufacturers / brands, and over 16.5 million part records classified in over 4,000 categories.
It currently has over 4.4 million part images with a total footprint of 125GB. And it's still growing and being updated as we speak.

DataSN is all about (almost) real-time data.
We will soon TRIPLE the pricing on ALL our data websites as it's been really hard for us to make ends meet. Anyone interested in accessing this database and its APIs please subscribe to one of available plans now before the pricing triples.
For the past 4 years, affordable pricing doesn't seem to get more clients for DataSN, The Data Planet, or Usable Databases. We might as well be fine with less clients who will enjoy better data delivery …

Why Google is out? Search the Internet like never before!

We at DataSN is trying something that’s never done before, that’s bringing the data of the entire Internet, ALL websites and data sources thereof, to the hands of ordinary people. Anyone can freely access the data of the entire Web at a very low cost, not just by searching on a search engine that returns but a few web pages for you to manually read through to try and find what you are looking for, but by programs that go through all the databases in a unbelievably granularmanner and return only the entries that are actual answers to your question rather than some relevant texts that require human consumption and research before reaching usable conclusions. However with DataSN and ALL websites / databases of the Internet connected as a traversable data social network, you get actual answers to your queries rather than some relevant web pages through a simple flat search through texts. For example, you could search on DataSN for: Latest books by Emma Glass paperback used less than $20 w…